It's simply marvellous

After several months of fighting with various installations of SuSe Linux Enterprise Desktop I finally made the switch to OpenSuSe 10.3. It is quite simply amazing. All the problems I've had trying to get WPA working in Linux were solved in one fell swoop. All I had to do was install the firmware for the bcm43xx chip and restart the interface and lo and behold it worked. No need for poxy ndiswrapper solutions any more, it works with KNetworkManager and the WPA encryption is on! :)

So if there is anyone out there having difficulties with wireless and Linux I would highly recommend that you switch to OpenSuSe immediately. Not only has it resolved my wireless issue, but the Build Service is amazing and contains all the packages I've been installing from source, so I can now install them using YaST.

*big grin*