Good Omens E03


Secondary characters to the fore for this episode.

Sergeant Shadwell's Witchfinder Army (both of them) are commissioned by both Mr A and Mr C to hunt suspicious characters in Tadfield, home of Adam Young and his gang.  While kitting out Newton with his Witchfinding kit we get a reminisce back to the Witchfinder Army's only failure...

Agnes Nutter. Actual witch. Actually able to predict the future . Not a good idea to try and surprise her then....oh no...

Speaking of Agnes Nutter, Josie Lawrence's accent seems to be moving up North. She started in Birmingham in week one and is now in Yorkshire. By the end of this series I hope you've all passed your advanced Norwegian language courses or this could get confusing...

Agnes' book of predictions has fallen into Aziraphale's hands, who makes the reasonable assumption that he can use it to predict the lead up to the Apocalypse to be able to try and put a stop to it. 

We also get a recap for radio listeners who are coming into this now almost half way through ... At least it isn't two characters who know exactly what's going on regurgitating their shared experience at each other. This time it's in the form of Aziraphale ruminating on how to find the Antichrist. This is much less intrusive - take note Mr Maggs - if you HAVE to recap for people who couldn't be bothered to listen to the previous episodes or are too lazy to use iPlayer then use some imagination please! 

Meanwhile, Adam Young's demonic powers are beginning to manifest. Conversations with his buddies generate real world versions. Good job he doesn't discuss Aliens landing on Earth or secret underground Tibetan tunnellers eh ? 

And, in the background, three of the Horseman receive messages that it's time to saddle up (Famine got the call in the last episode). These guys, and girl, are suitably impressive. War is able to start fights with a few well placed words, Pestilence/Pollution is suitably creepy, and, of course, Death conforming to the Pratchett standard.

The things are hotting up, threads are drawing together, and Satan is conversing with his minions via the Radio 1 breakfast show.

This one feels much more like the book. 

If we now give up on the re-covering old ground and limit the disappointing Crowley (thankfully at a minimum in this ep.) then we can all sit back and enjoy the world ending....

Submitted by David on Mon, 19/01/2015 - 18:46

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