Welcome To Our Village Please Invade Carefully S02 E05 - Testing Times


This one was a test . Literally.

It’s a given that this series is not trying to amp up the Sci-Fi elements, which is a shame because that’s where some of its best strengths lie. Oh, and it’s also the reason that I’m listening to it. 

This week,the geekiness is scaled down and use only as a framer for what is essentially a rather dull plot around Lucy passing her “A” levels. 

After being warned by the Alexander parents that Lucy is wasting too much time on the Resistance, Katrina resolves to get Lucy through her exams.Since formal education is impossible through the usual channels, it’s off to Uljabaan to beg for resources. He’s contemptuous of this, A challenge ensues,and the rest of the episode is really thrown away as a series of clearly unsuitable teachers are produced, including the Lyons, who are not going to forward anyone’s education.

What’s frustrating here is the throwaway concepts that look more interesting , and more importantly for a comedy - FUNNIER.

Lucy drunkenly agreeing to having her brain removed for experimentation, the computer being able to determine the post-invasion role for the villagers (being menial or humiliating). I can’t help feeling that we kept it too grounded this week by not exploring these.

We’ve heard better than this in previous weeks, so the talent is there, there have been some good concepts and subversions of comedy staples. Not this episode, I found it a chore to get through, and Katrina is beginning to get on my nerves.

The only redeeming feature really is the consistently good Computer. Here’s a thought, get rid of the live Alien characters,some of the more annoying villagers (Katrina and Margaret), get a few more of the village eccentrics in and stop worrying about being bizarre. That would be a winning show….for the 2 episodes it would get before Radio 4 got cold feet and cancelled it.


Mark  -  D Minus 

Submitted by David on Sat, 15/11/2014 - 08:45

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