Welcome To Our Village Please Invade Carefully S02 E06 - Exit Strategy


And so to the end of the series.

As with Series 1, we end with a review for Uljabaan. 

Unlike last year however, this time he's not looking to impress. Quite the reverse. He's had enough of his lousy posting and he wants out. Lucy has finally put a spanner in his works, or rather chewing gum in his matter manipulator, it apparently amounts to the same thing. 

So after being forced to clean his equipment himself to avoid only being able to replicate 1980's rom-coms, he decides that this invasion is beneath his dignity and decides to con his superiors into believing that Earth is more militarily advanced than the Geonin believed, so it would be better to call the whole thing off. 

Lucy and Katrina, happy at last, finally get to dial up the resistance thing with alien weaponry, supplied to fool the assessor,(including a working replica of a very famous weapon. One that absolutely shot first).

They'll show this Alien reviewer who's boss. 'Nuff said!

Conversely, the Lyon parents realise with horror that the end of the Invasion means that their village will once again resume normal life, several years after they stopped paying the mortgage...They do the only thing they can do in this situation, toady up to Uljabaan to see ithey can get cash out of him. 

None of the above goes to plan.

The assessor is perceptive, efficient, and unfortunately Uljabaan's Ex...

Back to a decent level of episode this week after last week's dismal effort. Lucy particularly is great this week, showing a lovely vicious streak and wonderful joy at getting a really cool gun. Katrina is consistent with the self-centred character who wants to take credit for everything, and her parents are nicely sycophantic and oily.

The Computer is definitely top of the pile of characterisations as far as I'm concerned, and I'm going to miss his dry reproaches of his underachieving master. 

 Would I want to listen to another series?


Yes, I think so, but I think that it needs a few changes to make that an instant affirmative.

The Sci-Fi elements. The writer and producers shouldn't be too coy about a few more fantasy elements. The audience they have will be made up of a lot of people like me who listen to it precisely for those elements, and the show is at its weakest when it's just pitching for the mundane.

The Villagers. There must be more oddball characters in this village. We've seen a couple over the last 6 weeks, but they've been kept at a minimum. Surely enforced isolation is going to bring out the loons!

Uljabaan. Bring back Julian Rhind-Tutt. 

The Main Human characters. Lucy is a much stronger character this time , with a greater presence to counterpoint Katrina,who I'm beginning to not like very much. Richard is ok, but a bit underdeveloped. Margaret gets on my nerves even more than Katrina, BUT,the difference is she's supposed to. Even so, keep her in small doses.


As we leave Cresden Green much as we found it at the start of the series, Uljabaan's memory wipe starts to kick in and the mental fog descends, we say goodbye to.....


What was I saying. 

Why am I in this field...

And what am I standing in ?


Submitted by David on Mon, 24/11/2014 - 21:27

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