Constantine S01 E02 Review


After a very brief 'previously...' segment and a similarly brief Mystery of the Week in the form of a detonating miner we're back in a dingy basement with John and Chas. The debate as to whether Constantine actually smokes or not continues as he carries around a lit cig with him for a while before Chas puts it out without it ever getting near his lips.

Following on from last week we get introduced properly to Zed, who appears to be some kind of psychic that has been compulsively drawing pictures of John. Comic fans should be pleased to see re-imaginings of classic Hellblazer covers around the room. I know I was.

Their initial meeting doesn't exactly go well with both of them pulling parlour tricks and John pulling a disappearing acte before entering full on detective mode.

The big question appears to be: What's killing the miners? A little snooping around and a punch in the face later, John seems to have a very good idea what's going on. 

The story takes a back seat for a lot of the episode, concentrating instead on establishing a relationship and dynamic between John and Zed. I have to say that I really like the interplay between them, especially the dialogue. John has all the swagger and one-liners I would expect, so well done to the writing team.

Whithout giving away whodunnit, we get an excellent insight into the vicious and unforgiving side of Constantine as the mystery is resolved.

There's a hint again at something bigger going on in the world and it looks like it's going to be down to John and Zed to deal with it.

Bring it on.

Submitted by Spindles on Sun, 16/11/2014 - 13:25

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