Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. S02 E03 - Making Friends and Influencing People


Someone's going to need some serious therapy!

Let's make a list.

Fitz. Check. Should be in a hospital,as he can barely now function as a human being.

Coulson. Check. Having weird visions.

Agent 33. Check. Strung up in a HYDRA torture machine, eyeballs clamped open, receiving a good old fashioned brainwashing to swear allegiance to the many-headed Nazi spy machine.

Brainwashing you say?

Loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. agents being forced against their will to defect you say?

Loyal, INNOCENT agents you say?

So presumably when Nick Fury, Captain America, Black Widow and everyone in the US Army finds out that they have SLAUGHTERED HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO WERE CONVERTED AGAINST THEIR WILL, the line for the S.H.I.E.L.D. psychiatric ward will be three times round the Helicarrier.

It stands to reason that HYDRA will have done the brainwashing of Agents` thing before, as it is apparently used 'infrequently' for 'high value' targets, that'd probably be spies then?

So there MUST have been many that snapped out of their condition to the tune of "Hey Director Fury. Great to see you, can you tell me how I got here? Wow! Have you seen the hole in my chest? Must have been a huge gun. It looks just like the one you're holdi.............."

So let's gloss over that and get into this week's episode.

I'm trying to avoid spoilers here. Let's give it a try, and forget all the tragic carnage.

Someone talks to someone else about a thing. That reminds them about another thing. Then they tell someone else, who tries to do something about it.



Great, not too many plot points given away there then!

Keeping away from the spoilers is becoming difficult. Unlike a lot of season one, there are a number of on-going plots and lots of fall out from previous episodes. Avoiding spoilers is like trying to avoid thinking about ALL YOUR FRIENDS YOU'VE BUTCHERED!


Sorry, got carried away again there.

For the second week in a row we get a character from a previous season one episode pop up. This was a gifted scientist who is now a "GIFTED" scientist, with super-duper freezer powers. He soon becomes a target for both sides, and although he just wants to be left alone, no-one's going to co-operate on that score.

At least though the good (tainted with the blood of hundreds of their friends) guys are on the offensive to try and stop the bad (poor, misunderstood victims of mental cruelty who stood alone in a futile fight against a huge organisation of Evil science) guys.

Meanwhile, Skye is being trained up by May in the arts of weapon use. Maybe Skye can teach May how to do things other than glare at people and threaten them. Just for the sake of consistency, May is angry this week.

Lance Hunter is on board as a member of the team after last weeks rousing speech from Coulson. It does seem strange that Coulson's told him how unpredictability was a valuable personality trait. This seems an odd reason to employ someone in your team considering that you've just had to SLAUGHTER HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO WERE CONVERTED AGAINST THEIR WILL INTO MAKING THEM NOT FOLLOW S.H.I.E.L.D. ORDERS.

Taking him on seems like a smart idea.

Doesn't it?


Anyway he's still a dick.

We find out what's happened to Simmons this week, in fact she's central to the episode plot and by the looks of things a separate arc.

The locked up ex-Agent Ward gets a come-uppance from an unexpected source, which makes you want to cheer, then you feel guilty about what you want to cheer for.

No Obelisk this week, it's all about chasing down the gifted one (aka Mr frosty in a bad mood, and he is in a REALLY bad mood, maybe he's been taking lessons from May).

The recurring villain of the piece is the creepy Dr Whitehall from episode one. It's no secret that he is a long-lived Nazi, and high up in HYDRA. Whether or not he's at the top of the bad guy tree remains to be seen. It's commented that the further you go up the scarier it gets, my guess is that he's not as high up as we're lead to believe, and there's someone even nastier up there.

Another good episode this week, it's been good to watch so far this season.

It appears Marvel wants me to watch.

I will comply...

Submitted by David on Sat, 11/10/2014 - 12:08

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