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Stef has always been a musician, spending a large part of his past writing/recording music and playing various venues across the UK. His love of gaming has been one since childhood, growing up in the days of Street Fighter II and Zelda: A Link to the Past he has invested many hours into all sorts of games from Strategy to RPG. His favourite game of all time would be Final Fantasy 8. (Yes 8 not 7!). In terms of academia Stef studied English Literature at university and went on to do a Masters in Social Work. Yet perhaps due to his experience during his English Degree has always wanted to return to writing and content creation. Stef currently is the host of Wonky Gamer podcast, does a regular stream of Let's Play content (Which you can find on the Wonky Spanner youtube). Stef is a massive fan of Science Fiction, in particular shows such as Battlestar Galactica and the X-Files, as well as literature such as the Dune series and pretty much anything to do with Star Wars. He also wastes a stupid amount of time playing games and making Let's Plays.

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