Agent Carter S01 E03 - Time and Tide

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It's still a man's world for Agent Carter.

And the men are getting the ladies into a spot of bother.

Firstly at the Griffith Hotel where a daring lothario gets a resident expelled, and then in the office when Peggy has to think on her feet and come up with a plan protect Jarvis from cracking under interrogation by Agent Thompson and Chief Dooley.

At the Griffith, this means Dottie, a new neighbour for Peggy.

At the SSR the consequences are potentially career ruining.

We also learn Jarvis' secret and why he owes a debt to his employer.

Following up with Jarvis at Stark's vault gives a trail to a boat containing some of the missing inventions. And what a trail it is, so mind-bogglingly complex that it involves going downstream in the sewers rather than up, straight to the docks and a boat that hasn't been moved since it was loaded with contraband. It is even commented upon that it's strange it hasn't been moved.

The boat is, unfortunately, guarded. A burly deck-hand type declares that he doesn't have a problem killing women and proceeds to try and demonstrate. Peggy and Jarvis are forced to defend themselves but can't clean up the scene before the SSR night-shift arrive.

The burly is lead away but never reaches his destination, nor does his SSR escort.

What follows that is an emotional scene.. The Agent in question was an asshole, a philanderer and not well respected by his colleagues. BUT, he was still one of their own and the whole department is affected by what happens to him. Even Chief Dooley becomes human.

A little slower, more talky and complex this week. With revelations and emotions aplenty, it could never be just a straight-forward slug-fest.

There are consequences too, again these are stacking up against Peggy. Even though he isn't even in this episode, the influence of Howard Stark is under the spotlight, and its' searching beam is highlighting things in all the wrong way. Everything that is being done to clear his name seems to be making things worse, the SSR are now firmly anti-Stark, innocent or not.

Is this shaking Peggy's resolve?

Only time will tell.

This one was a lot more sombre as an episode, with little in the way of humour.

Saying that though, the episode is not diminished by its tone. The relationship stuff is good, the fight scene is great, and even the male agents come across as competent and menacing to their quarry.

But now with a whole truckload of Stark's inventions recovered, what's next?

What indeed....?

Hayley Atwell is, as ever, superb in this role, and once again proves to be the most interesting character alongside Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No superpowers, no magic or secret organisations having her back, she's (almost) on her own, and maybe this is why she shines.

She's still a strong independent character, with a complex relationship to her peers and the situation she's in. And this is regardless of gender. Some off the main Marvel 'A' list characters are not a patch on Peggy in terms of character. Compare Hawkeye for example. Outside of being able to shoot things with a bow, he's a paper thin characterization. In fact most of the characters INCLUDING her ex squeeze Captain America are inferior to Peggy. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the SSR team are starting to show that they may be dismissive of their female agents but they are capable of making headway in their own investigations. How long can Carter stay ahead?

We’re only three episodes in, but since the season is so short , we’re nearly half way, If the quality keeps up like this, this is a show that will be sorely missed, and will be setting a benchmark that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.. is going to have to work hard to maintain.

Another good episode…

Submitted by David on Wed, 04/02/2015 - 21:10