Agent Carter S01 E07 - SNAFU

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Let's play find the lady. 

In fact let's play two versions.

One is straightforward. 

Find Dottie Underwood before she does something horrible. 

The other is more complex. 

The SSR boys play find out what their lady Agent has been doing. This involves interrogation by Dooley, Thompson and Sousa. All three take different approaches, but not the ones you might expect. Souza is bad cop, Thompson the mediator, and Dooley is downright complimentary.

As usual Peggy tears a strip off them. This time during her answers while they are interrogating her!

She wants them to look for Dottie, who is now on the run. 

Dr Ivchenko's real identity is also revealed. It seems a bit odd this, as he is a minor villain in the Marvel universe, and even then he doesn't go by his real name so we have a double cover name. But one thing he doesn't hide is his communication to Dottie. The little morse tapper gets spotted, but it doesn't stop him from wreaking untold havoc with the Chief. 

Interestingly of all of the characters it is the chief that has gone through the biggest change throughout the series. From straightforward bigoted dinosaur to a competent investigator to sympathetic but troubled family man.

Jarvis has a surprise for everyone, but as usual it isn't what it seems and Peggy has to come clean.

Ivchenko is in control of Dooley, and Dottie takes on the agents sent to track her down. Two great things here, Souza gets a chance to do some fighting'll never see a more unusual way to descend a stairwell...!

Back with Peggy, there are several great scenes between her and Jarvis, including her yet again scolding him for impulsive actions.

But things are in motion that mean that regardless of her confession there are going to be consequences, bad ones.

The drama is amped up in this episode. There is tragedy, pathos, action and humour.It's a well constructed piece, with strong performances from all of the central characters.

One niggle, Russians sending morse code messages to each other in English?

And after all of the running round, the target device of Leviathan's plot is revealed and its....

...a surprise, and a nasty one at that...

But most of all and joy of joys Dottie has her own version of the Peggy Carter hat. And in the grandest tradition of the entertainment, it's a villains hat of sable hue. 

She is literally A BLACK HAT!

A great episode this. 
On to the conclusion...
Submitted by David on Sun, 10/05/2015 - 14:03